Try to keep baby awake as long as possible before your session begins. This helps baby to burn off some calories and be nice and sleepy for their pictures. Awake babies are more difficult to photograph since they aren’t in good control of their movements and typically can not maintain good eye contact. Also, generally speaking, awake babies are fussy babies. If your baby does happen to wake during the session, I practice "unsoothing," whereby I will allow baby to exercise their limbs and burn off some energy. During unsoothing time, I will continue to take video/photos of your baby so you will have some photos of those gorgeous little eyes!


If you are bringing older siblings, their portion of the session will be first. Please have a helper prepared to take them somewhere for the remainder of the session. I do not allow them to stay because of limited space and lack of entertainment in the studio. Oftentimes, older siblings get bored very quickly in the studio and they can become a distraction.


In the hour or so leading up to your appointment time, try giving baby a warm bath to relax her and give her a full feeding right before leaving or contact me to setup an early arrival time so you can feed in the studio before we begin. 

In-Home Lifestyle

Most importantly, I am not here to judge your housekeeping skills. In fact, if your house is perfectly in order I will be a little offended. I’ve had three babies and my house was never perfect so I definitely don’t expect yours to be. Most lifestyle family images are taken either in the living room, the nursery, or the bedroom. My best advice is to choose one of those rooms and just toss the clutter out of the way for the session.


During lifestyle sessions, I will not be posing your baby, but instead will capture natural interactions between the new baby and your family. You will be responsible for providing all clothing. I can provide wraps and coordinating headbands. Just contact me before your session and let me know your color choice.

wrapped mini

Your baby needs to be fed prior to your session start time. If you need to arrange an early arrival time to fit in a full feeding before we start, just contact me to arrange it.